The name Cragrock is Welsh in origin and describes the Karst topography of a certain area of England; Middle Tennessee is quite similar. Tree covered hillsides give way to vast expanses of farmland at the base and top of the plateau. This ring of trees around the edge lends itself to virtually every adventure sport imaginable. CragrockUSA is a website for the Cumberland Plateau area of Middle Tennessee. Our mission is to promote adventure tourism, historic places, unique businesses, and community events around the Cumberland . This area is the home to international kayaking competition, it has what is regarded as some of the best hang-gliding in the world. There are probably more waterfalls and caves per square mile here than anywhere else in the US. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails on the Cumberland Plateau. Not to mention miles and miles of mountain biking and horse trails as well. In addition to adventure tourism, the plateau has the most diverse mix of hardwood trees anywhere on the planet. Thanks to good management, there is more wildlife here today, than there was two centuries ago. Both stream and lake fishing is excellent. There are enough golf courses that if you played a different course every week you would not be able to play all of them within a year. A number of colleges and Universities call the Cumberlands home along with all the entertainment and trappings that you would expect to find in college towns. And we are within ninety minutes of commercial airports located in Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

“Copernicus was wrong, Cragrock is the center of the universe.”  ™

A land where people are friendly, values are traditional, prices are reasonable, and adventure is always only minutes away.  Welcome to CragrockUSA.

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  1. Jack Ware

    I just discovered this wonderful CragrockUSA website and am excited about learning more. I grew up in Sparta but lived in Dothan, AL for over forty years. We retired in 2010 and came back to Sparta to take care of aging parents. We were fortunate to be here when a Cherry Creek farm went up for auction so we bought about forty acres of it. We are now living just across the Cherry Creek road from where my wife was raised. We are very happy to return to our roots and to learn more about this wonderful Middle Tennessee land. Thank you for your reports of these exciting places to explore. Jack Ware Sparta

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Jack, you are the first “Comment” on CragrockUSA. Please help encourage others to submit their posts on local history, events, adventures, etc. They can submit pictures as well. The posts will show up on CragrockUSA with a link that they can click to get their posts on Facebook as well. Thank you for the kind words.


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