Passover, or Good Friday?


Easter 2016 Full Moon at Yellow Bluff

Jews use a lunar calendar and Passover always occurs on the 15th day of the month of Nisan; the first full moon after vernal equinox.  Since our solar calendar has 12 months and the Hebrew calendar has 13 months; it is VERY rare that Good Friday actually falls on Passover.

Easter will always fall on a Sunday between March 22nd, and April 25th; within 7 days of a Full Moon. Specifically, the first full moon past the spring equinox.

Thus the Passover referenced with the crucifixion is an entirely different day than we celebrate today. That said, this picture is the full-moon that started the Easter calendar ticking for 2016. It was taken from Yellow Bluff in the Bridgestone Centennial Wilderness Area.

The Yellow Bluff Trail, and Poly’s Branch Trail are now open; they are not as rigorous as Virgin Falls and yield some fantastic overlooks into the Caney Fork River Gorge.  Polly’s Branch is on the left before you get to the Virgin Falls parking lot. To find the Yellow Bluff trail, pass the Virgin Falls parking lot and take the fork to the left. Go about a mile and you will see the Yellow Bluff parking area set back in the trees.

If you are looking for an outdoor activity outside of hunting Easter Eggs, any of these trails are highly recommended. Happy Easter and remember the real reason for the holiday.

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