Good Sign?

virgin falls signFall Creek Falls State Park draws over one million visitors per year, the majority passing through Sparta on Hwy 111. What would it do for the businesses in downtown Sparta TN if they had one-tenth of that traffic driving through town?  Baxter Tennessee reports that they are collecting 20% more sales tax out of one location that is directly attributed to the three-year-old Cummins Falls State Park.

If someone has two hours, they can see Lost Creek. If they have all day, they can visit Virgin Falls. If they have several days, soon they will be able to walk in at Lost Creek, and walk out at Fall Creek Falls and have more waterfalls and scenic overlooks per mile than any other park – – perhaps  anywhere in the US. What kind of draw do think that will be? It will dwarf Cummins Falls.

Please share this with all Sparta groups and friends. If we get enough people talking about it, perhaps it will get done. Tourists are a great industry, they come, they spend money, they leave.


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